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Our professional team of experts have years of experience in installing pattern imprinted concrete driveways, patios, pathways and features.

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The Installation Process

When you decide to have a pattern imprinted concrete pathway installed you want to know exactly what will happen and want assurance that it will be installed by the best possible team of professionals.

Here are the steps we take when installing your driveway...

  • Excavate your existing driveway.
  • Lay M.O.T. (hardcore) down whilst leveling it and run a whacker plate over the top compacting the material together.
  • Lay any steps, drainage or manholes which may be needed.
  • Shutter the driveway off using a timber or plastic radius for any curves needed.
  • Lay concrete down then throw a colour hardener over the top and trowl in.
  • Throw an antique release agent down and imprint using the molds and tools needed.
  • Two days later we will come back to wash 75% of the release agent off, then 25% of it penetrates into the concrete leaving you with a two-tone antique effect. 
  • Cut expansion joints in the concrete for any ground movement.
  • Last of all come back to seal it.

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